Policies and Procedures

When canceling an appointment, please do so as early as possible. Early notification allows adequate time to fill the appointment. Note: Always cancel an appointment when a fever is present. Massage will spike a fever.

Missed Appointments
At the time of a second (2nd) and all subsequent Missed Appointments a fee of $30.00 will be charged. After receipt of payment, rescheduling will be welcome. Depending on the frequency of Missed Appointments refusal to schedule future appointments is at the discretion of Diane Kelley, L.M.T.

Minor Children
Parents/Guardians are required to make the massage appointment for minor children. Parents/Guardians must accompany children at the time of the appointment. A Health History will need to be completed at the first appointment. At each subsequent appointment, a consent form will need to be initialed by parent/guardian.

When pregnant, notification is required as soon as possible so that precautions can be taken to give proper care. Each trimester requires specific procedures so early notification is crucial to the health of both mother and baby.